UV Map Issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a problem with the UV maps (I guess) in UE.
I built an architectural enviroment in 3dsMax and made all the Unwrap process. Aparently everything was right until I imported it in UE. There are vertical faces of the model that reflects the UV mapping almost correctly and others that show it like a projection of a horizontal UV map.

Does anyone knows how to make all the UV maps perpendicular to the geometry faces? Thanks so much!

either your material is using a world aligned texture, or you didnt unwrap properly.

And what can be the issue in the unwrapping process? I can’t find it!! Thanks!!!

you arent unwrapping every piece, but random parts.
Some parts it looks like you only unwrapped one surface, and forget about walls etc.

Just google a tutorial for your desired 3d program about uv unwrapping.