UV Map is not importing from 3Ds

Hi, so I am trying to import a stool into my scene and have manually unwrapped it (to map channel 2). However when I import the fbx file into UE4, the UV map does not exist. What is the reason behind this?

I have tried:

  • Changing the FBX export options from Binary to ASCII
  • Collapsing the stool into an editable mesh before exporting & also without collapsing it
  • Ticking the ‘generate lightmap UVs’ during import to see if it makes a difference

All to no avail.

If you’ve already made a 2nd uv map, don’t tick generate lightmap UV!
If your object has multiple pieces and you import it as ‘‘combined meshes’’ that’s probably why your lightmap is gone.

Hi heartlessphil, I didn’t tick generate lightmap UVs for that reason but had attempted to test ticking it to see if a map would form - but it did not.
The object does have multiple pieces but I attached all the meshes together to become one mesh to then bring it into UE4. I’ve also tried unwrapping each individual object and importing it into UE4 on its own but I run into the same issue where the UV is not showing for some reason.

Maybe add a box mapping into the first channel?

Hi LeFxGuy, I am not too sure what you mean by that… could you please elaborate? :slight_smile:

I just meant that you can try to use any automatic unwrap in the first map channel , maybe your first channel is empty because of reasons and the editor doesnt check for a second channel when importing if there is no unwrap in the 1st channel of your objects map channels

It worked! I’m still not sure why that would have happened but thank you!

:slight_smile: Glad I could help