UV for tileable texture


I need to add tiling texture to a cylinder or more complex shape. Is there a way to add tileable texture to a static mesh without any UV? Or is it always required to have custom UV set in Blender? If i set UV in Blender there will be seams. If i use cylinder brush in UE4, u can only tile texture per face?

Thx for the help.

You can always try using a world aligned material.

If you’re importing a custom mesh you’re going to need custom UVs. If you’re just looking to make a simple bsp cylinder the method in the video JamesEmory linked could help you achieve what you’re looking for.

As for custom UVs, seams depends on how you layout the UVs and the texture that you’re using. If the edges of the UV touch the borders of a tileable texture you shouldn’t have any issues.

Yeah, i had to give up that automated UV wrapping. World Aligned Material worked almost, but got mix up somehow, maybe because i have this very long curved corridor. Lost lots of time for this voyage, while i could just set up custom UV in Blender and save time.