UV Edges Rendering Problem please help!!

Hello All,
Im a bit new to unreal and Im having a NASTY issue with UVs on my FBX’ed character out of 3dsmax 2021 to unreal… please look at the thumbnails…at first i thought it was an issue with smoothing groups, but it seems its not, following the advice of user **MostHost LA,**i tried playing with threshold UV settings, reduced it, increased it, tangents, import normal etc… none of that worked I don’t know what else I could do to remove this issue… i tried even exporting from daz to ue4 smae thing appears… i tried re-importing the fbx to 3dsmax to see if the fbx exporter is causing some sort of issue but in 3dsmax all is well…all smooth… i have been trying to fix this for a full day now to no avail :(, the character is properly welded and skinned… if I remove skin and morph targets and import as static mesh the issue goes away all is fine…

please Help me!

After more fiddling around I found that the option “Force all skinned meshes to recompute normals” in the project settings causes this… after i turn it off and restart the project the issue is still there but much better however its still a bit noticeable… any ideas what could be done to improve? also what benefit does this option bring anyway? is it safe to have it turned off?