UV coordinates with Cube texture

Hello community!
I’m trying to use a cube texture as a simple texture sample. Actually I can’t because a cube texture requiers 3 UV coordinates instead of 2 for a texture sample.
Is there a workaround to do this?

Yep, just use ReflectionVector node instead Texture coordinates.

Hi NasteX.
No, this is not what I try to achieve : in this way, projection is still done in world space. What i’m looking for is to use Uv coordinates from the 3D model on which texture is applied.

Take a look to my screenshot below, I converted a 8bits version of the texture to show what I would like, but with the use of 32bits image!
I guess there is a way to convert something to project an HDR imge in UV space, no?

Hm, I misunderstood you. Just resave the cube texture to .exr (It has 32 bit support), not .hdr.

Edit: I just tested it to import .exr and just use texture coordinate node it works. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. It would be a workaround indeed.