UV Coordinate offset

Is there something inside the material editor that can offset the bitmap?

Like the samething that we have in 3ds max


Yes, you could use the panner node to offset it.

But with the panner, the offset keep moving, in my case, i did a bad unwrap and i want to correct it my giving a small offset to my bitmap

Not if you give it a constant instead of the time.


Instead of a panner, it might be more conservative to use a TextureCoordinate instead.



Well look at that…it work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks mate!!

yes thats it :smiley:

thank you so much - i set the tiling again to 2, 2 and the image textures to clamp ! then add and substract the uvs to offset the images.
and now the ugly seams finally gone :-D.
i wonder why ceil doesnt work / or floor and the clamp node (min max)
perhaps I’ve overlooked a little thing.

thank you again !!!

Hi KVolger,

What is the Yellow node you are adding to the UV coord?

Sorry… It’s a vector, silly me! Thanks for helping me resolve the issue too =)


Is there a way to clamp the edges, so that it wont tile? I’m trying to get most of the middle bits of my texture to be offset. I’m building a anisotropic shader just like this image here:

Thanks for you help! :slight_smile:

Life Saver.