(UT) Starting up LAN game with custom map in Unreal tournament cannot find map on commandline?

The map specified on the commandline ‘Game/LevelVersions/DM-150280-10’ could not be found. Would you like to load the default map instead?

I’m trying to load my custom map into Unreal tournament. Which is working when I play normally with bots but when I start a LAN session it cannot load the content. The map used to work with the previous version but someone else was running the server.

Hopefully anyone here knows the answer!

The trick is that you have to put the pak file not only in


(so that it shows up in the client), but also in


so that the server can find it.

I think it should also be possible to solve the issue by adding the content path of the client to the Engine.ini of the server (in ..\UnrealTournament\WindowsServer\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\WindowsServer, section [Core.System]), or by setting the environment variable GAMEDIR (which is referenced in that section), but I failed to find out which path I would have to specify.
Or maybe it won’t work at all with the Engine.ini?