Using Your Own Slate UI in a Loading Screen

How would you Make a loading screen to use your own Slate instead of the one provided by the engine. I have been using this Wiki A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums. It says this

/** The widget to be displayed on top of the movie or simply standalone if there is no movie. */
TSharedPtr WidgetLoadingScreen;

How do i do this?

Hi. You can found a working example inside ShooterGame. Module which creates a custom loading screen placed into /Source/ShooterGameLoadingScreen This module is very compact and can be copied to your game. To use it you need a C++ game project, in blueprint-only it seems impossible.

This example takes a picture from /Content/UI/Menu/LoadingScreen (should be 2d texture) and shows it instead of movies.

I found out my self but I will mark your answer as correct, but i did forget i asked this question