Using Vive tracker with UE Virtual Camera Plugin

Hello - Looking to use the Virtual Camera Plugin with a vive tracker instead of an iphone/ipad. The video on the website shows that it’s possible, however, there is no documentation that explains set-up and implementation. There’s only a small section on using it with LIVELINK. I’ve watch numerous videos on line, of it being used. Have also sat thru the FOX fx pipeline series in the learning section. Unfortunately, they only talk about using the Vcam, however, they don’t take the time to explain how they set it up in the project. You can clearly see the VIVE tracker on the front of their vcam rig.
Would really appreciate it if someone could explain, in as much detail as possible, how they set it up to get it to work.

I was wondering about the same thing but there is so little documentation. :frowning: