Using Vive Tracker as nDisplay Camera

Is there a way to use a Vive tracker Position and Rotation for the Camera of a nDisplay Setup?

I know i can connect trackers via VRPN so is there a way to read the Vive Tracker data from SteamVR and somehow convert it into an VRPN Device?

You would need to setup a VRPN server that uses SteamVR/OpenVR without a HMD. There are a few different blogs/articles out there on how to do this. Once you’ve got a VRPN server broadcasting the tracker info then UE4 should be able to connect with it. Then you’d just set up a config file that has a node using your tracker and a camera attached to that node.

I haven’t set up the exact same thing as you, but I have previously put together an OpenVR VRPN server and am currently setting up nDisplay for a few different cluster systems.

Hi @ConanB could you share any links to those blogs/articles or any pointer on how to setup a VRPN server that uses SteamVR/OpenVR please? I can’t seem to find any out there at all but obviously looking in the wrong places!
I can start SteamVR without HMD using a null driver (there’s up to date info on how top achieve this here if anyone else is looking) but can’t find a VRPN server which can handle Vive Tracker data could you help please?

maybe this link could be helpful - Using HTC Vive Trackers without Headset | vvvv

This is the video that I use to get the Vive trackers working without the HMD. There are other steps to make the nDisplay stuff happen. There’s a guy on youtube called Ben Kidd with two videos on how to get it going, but I’ll be honest its sstill not working for m…