Using Vive controllers as 3d tracking markers on a real word movable object

Hi I’m making a physical box on wheels that the user will be pushing around a real room.
I will be designing a virtual environment that matches the dimensions of this room and a virtual box that matches the relative dimensions of my physical box.
I want the location and size of a virtual box that the user will have to push around a VR environment to sync up with this physical box.

To keep things simple and cheap I wanted to avoid using Mocap. Instead I was hoping to fasten the vive controllers to two corners of my physical box and then somehow attach or constrain two corners of my virtual box to the coordinates of both vice controllers. This way (I’m hoping) when the real box is moved or rotated the virtual box would do the same.
Has anyone heard of this being done ?

I presume its possible to get the vector location of each controller.
I know its possible to update the vector properties of a static mesh based in on incoming data.
What I’m unsure of is whether its possible to update two corners of a single static mesh in order to get more accurate rotation and movement on the virtual models.

Vive controllers are very accurate out of the box. Are you confident that using just one controller wouldn’t be enough? We usually get great object tracking this way.

In any case, since the box doesn’t deform, you could perhaps get the transforms of both controllers which are attached to opposing corners of the physical box and average them to find the transform of the box.

Thanks - I’ll give it a go using one