Using Vertex Color as mask with Nanite

From this tutorial by the UE5 devs:

The last method without Uvs was a very interesting approach. Someone was kind enough to share how to set this up using Blender and Ue5:

Hope someone finds it useful.

Another thing I am hoping for is Nanite having vertex color layers like Blender. Would be very useful. The author in the third video points out vertex color might be an issue in nanite due to distance from the camera so its preferable to blur it to reduce the poping of color as you approach the asset.

From the video here which was done by Simon Verstraete :

Vertex paint seems to hold up pretty well. The vertex color was definitely blurred to reduce the vertex color popping in as the camera draws near.

@VictorLerp Pls is there anyway we can get a screenshot of the material setup Arran Langmead used for the vertex color materials setup in the tutorial he did. I think this might be helpful to other ue5 users?


Arran Langmead shared his material setup here:

Very useful information contained there as well.

Anyone knows what the nodes circled are :

The nodes are grenish-blue in color. Is the one below a function output?

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Named reroute node, its a new addition in UE5.

Also just a note about the title, there is an important distinction between “vertex paint” and “vertex color”. Vertex paint is done inside Unreal, it alters a mesh instance. Vertex color is applied in your modeling program and imported. Nanite doesn’t support vertex paint, but does support vertex colors.


Thanks for sharing. That node is indeed very useful.

I agree. Fixed the title.

yes super useful dude!

Arran Langmead mentions that zBrush can also paint into the vertex colors, does anyone know what that workflow looks like? would that simply be to use Polypaint and then export FBX?

src and det need swap I really don’t understand baking vertex color,


When I switch on Nanite my vertex paint it disappears? is there a fix for this?



How do I scrolling displacement for my lava, my UE4 materials don’t work any more. What’s the best option now?

Credit link - Tristan Voulelis

Safe to say VertexColor isn’t supported with Nanite geometry.

Hi there! There is an option to bake the vertex color in the geometry. Then you can enable nanite and the vertex paint will still there (you can basically make displacement or whatever you want)

Have you tried this?
Please post steps to reproduce if you have a solution.

I will upload some screenshots about it:
Once you have finished your painting, click that option and transfer the data in to the mesh.
And there you have it.

For this second image I also remesh the object and add more poligons.

Ah yea this is the Vertex Paint technique mentioned up top.
Was interested in Vertex colour -imported.