Using Vertex Alpha to control Transparency

Hi all, I am trying to use a custom mesh as a decal, and control the transparency/opacity with vertex alpha, is this possible? I do not want a translucent material, I want it to be lit as normal, like chipped plaster or damaged brick, but the mesh can be what I define, rather than using the deferred decal thing. Cheers

Set the blending mode of your material to masked, add the vertex color node and plug the alpha channel into the opacity mask.

Thanks, but that creates a cutout effect with no blend, it’s a 0 or 1 effect and looks awful.

Try setting the blend mode to translucency and pin the alpha to the opacity slot instead of the opacity mask slot.

Thanks again, but that disables the roughness nodes and creates a translucent material, which is not what brick or plaster is. Though the vertex blend is actually what I’m looking for, the texture comes out unlit, and therefore, unusable.

I basically want the vertex blend that works with translucency, but without it having to be translucent!

Hey, did you ever resolve this? I am trying to do the exact same thing, it seems

Try using the Dither Temporal AA node for the opacity mask.

Try using the Dither Temporal AA node for the opacity mask.