Using Unreal to create VR training modules for Equipment Operators, and other applications


Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong spot.

I work with an engineering consulting firm, and My boss has asked me to look into creating training modules for operators in production facilities that we design and build. We have 3D models for equipment and the facilities, done in Revit, which we can import into unreal. i don’t have much experience with unreal but so far we have imported models into Unreal and played with the textures and materials, and done walkthroughs.

We will be purchasing VR glasses at some point in the future, but we occasionally load up our Revit models into unreal and to be viewed with an Oculus Rift that another department in our company has and it seems to work well in terms of walking through.

Couple examples of what we want to do:

Create a training module, where an operator will have to walk through the facility and then press a button on a piece of equipment. Then walk away and perform another task, like stacking some pallets or something like that. So that the operator can get used to the workflow and personnel movement through the facility.

Another example of what we would like to do is maybe walk someone through the gowning procedure before entering a clean room. (ie selecting the item they were to gown with first to last from hairnets, beardnets, tyvek suits, gloves, boot covers, etc). and maybe they can drag the items onto a person in the correct order to pass the test.

These are very basic ideas for now but its a starting point. Is that something that we can use unreal to do? I’m assuming we can since we are essentially creating a game, but is unreal the best option for something like this since its free and something we can experiment and develop with? and a bonus is the fact that Revit models can be easily loaded into unreal with all the materials and textures if done correctly. We would probably need to hire someone with a lot more experience in Unreal and game development, as we would have to develop interactive menus etc. But that’s something i need to propose to my boss when I find out more.

Any resources or information would help as i’m just getting started researching how we can come up with this.


Hello rapsarmy,

this is totally possible in UE4. And you are right, essentially you are creating a game. However, what you need to do in VR is have the performance to power 90fps at all times, otherwise your “players” (users, trainees, customers) are very likely to get motion sick.

There are many studios (including us, wink wink) that have specialized on exactly this: turning your CAD models into real-time VR trainings.

If you are considering outsourcing, drop me a message.