Using Unreal as a Renderer

I’m trying to use the Unreal Engine to render scenes and save them as images. I’d like to start with something simple: place some objects, the cameras, light source etc. in C++, and then render a frame and save it. I don’t want a window or game loop.

I’ve been browsing the tutorials and haven’t found anything too relevant, but I suspect this shouldn’t be too hard. Eventually I need to programmatically generate lots and lots of these renders, so I’d like to be able to just start an executable and let it run without having to interact with it or the editor.

Hi xpilot. UE4 has features for this. You can check out this old thread on the forums here: Cinematic Render (1st pass) [Are there better ways to do this?] - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is based on the older cinematics system in UE4 called Matinee. There is a newer one, Sequencer, which probably also has a similar feature. If you’re handy in C++, you can also customize these to produce more customized renders (example, EXR output of color/normal/depth for further compositing in your compositor, etc.)