Using unreal as a cad engine

Hi everyone

I need to start a project to create a specialized cad/cam for a particular sector of cnc engraving.
This cad will have either a 2d and a 3d section
My question is: is unreal able to display thousands of lines and also polylines? (for example for ttf fonts used inside a 2d drawing)

It can display them in the thousands no problem but they will be converted to Splines, which could break your tangents/beziers if the polylines aren’t properly joined. But in general I haven’t had trouble so long as I’m careful over on the CAD side.

Thanks, so you already tried to draw thousands of splines?
Is there a viewable example?

because my problem is that it’s an artistic cad, so i will have a LOT of 2D drawings and also text, and at the end a lot of toolpath so lot of lines or splines

So, due to the fact that is a relatively big project, i would find myself trapped in some bottlenecks near the end…

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the project anymore, I’m sorry. But a bottleneck would depend on your hardware rather than the engine itself, that said, UE has very good scene controls similar to what you’d expect coming from CAD, like layering, individual object visibility, and grouping.
Best recommendation I can make is to give it a shot, even if you don’t have the CAD project ready, just batch-copy a ton of polylines and import them to the engine to begin getting an idea of your results.