Using UE4 to render sprites

Can I use UE4 as a render like Cycles, Redshift, Octane, etc?
One of the uses cases is, for example, rendering a building with transparent background in multiple angles in orthographic projection to create 2D isometric art. I’ll overpaint it for style and details so I want to avoid a photorealistic ray tracing render and use a real-time one because it is faster to work with.

Ultimately, it would be great if I can automatize it. For example, create a script that set up the camera and renders the object in multiple angles to disk and if possible a few separated render pass like diffuse and specular.

How can I do this in UE4?

Ryan Brucks’ imposter tool essentially does this. I’d give his blog post a read and dig through the code:

I don’t know how many buffer passes you will be able to pull out though, the number of buffers you have access to in UE4 has changed over the last few versions.