Using UE4 as a tool

I’ve read through the EULA and have a specific question. Our team has created a prototype for a virtual camera using UE4 and all it does is Unreal Engine is sending positional data to our game’s own Engine, so UE4 is not rendering anything at all, merely sending numbers to our Engine to move the camera position. UE4 in this case is being used as an external tool.

I imagine the product is considered linear-media since they’re trailers to promote our game, however does the trailer itself (not rendered in UE4) considered a product?

I guess specifically what I’m asking is do we need to include Unreal’s logo and copyright (section 12 of the EULA) in our trailer? it would be confusing to both our players and your company as well, since the trailer itself was never piped through UE4 at all.

It’s a Product, but it’s an Unrestricted Product because the Product itself doesn’t use the engine to operate. As a result, there are no royalties. I think you don’t need to do the notices on the trailer.