Using UE created scene for video on youtube allowed?

Hello community!

I tried looking for an answer but couldn’t find one. (i tried searching here with no luck, but feel free to link it if i have missed a similar topic).

so i was wondering if i could use a UE created scene as a greenscreen backdrop for my youtube channel (monetized).
what kind of legal aspects do i have to pay attention to?

thanks a lot in advance!

That’s fine - you can do that without paying a royalty under the EULA. There is no royalty for linear/non-interactive video.

thanks for the answer! very much appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks for the answer! very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you sure?

This means, for example, you will not owe us royalties for Distributing:
● rendered video files (e.g., broadcast or streamed video files, cartoons, movies, or images) created using the Engine Code (even if the video files include Starter Content) or
● asset files, such as character models and animations, other than Starter Content, that you developed using the Engine Code, including in Products that use or rely on other video game engines.

I can use free environment for my monetized youtube video like background?