Using this without coding?

Hey guys,

I am familiar with the UE map editor, but have no coding experience.

I noticed theres sosmething called blueprints so I dont need to code… Or am I incorrect?

Can I use this with only blueprints and make a game, or do I need to code myself?

You will always have to code a little bit, but in my opinion bp are nearly as usefule as kismet in the UDK engine -> so you dont have to code pretty much, especially when you just do level blueprint stuff

So for someone who cannot code at all, this is not a solution?

Depends what type of game it is. If a simple and straight forward game, and you are willing to accept a couple of limitations then yes absolutely. See my game. I got far with not a line of code.

There is always a limit to it though, but the limit is way beyond what any other engine allows without programming.

Yes and no, you still need to understand how the code achieves what it’s doing if you want to make a complete game.

The best option is to jump in, follow along with a tutorial and find out for yourself. You will at somepoint reach limitations with Blueprint if you’re trying to do something particularly radical, Blueprint actually encouraged me to start learning C++, and it’s helped me loads.

It all depends on the complexity of your game.

Blueprints allow you to rig plenty of interactivity and other functionality into your scene, and you may be able to get by without any coding at all. The Blueprint system is extendable, so there’s potential for it to grow over time into something more plug and play (possibly through the marketplace).

Inevitably some games do require coding, but it’s a case of giving Blueprints a try and see how far you get.

For special stuff you need programming skills but you can get pretty far without coding at all :slight_smile:

Got a link to your game?

Well tbh, theres no gameplay footage :stuck_out_tongue: Only a cinematic, so hard to see what you have done with the blueprint.

is there a list of blueprints available so far?

I think somewhere you can find a video where Hourences shows that in a GDC presentation -> I think it is on the official channel from epic games.

Alright :slight_smile: I will look into th at.

Im not looking into making the next big aa blockbuster, but would like to make some games esp. with co-op or mp in it, but I guess that is really more complicated than a Sp game right?

I would like to you know… Find Blueprints where I could craft a game around that, and make some maps for it. Coding is very complicated for me, so would like to do some more simplified.

The problem here is you will have too know coding basic’s too really understand blueprint, anyone can follow a tutorial and do exactly what they did but its when you change it around and want to add stuff in is where it will get complicated. Also with the new UT4 you get example maps and blueprints but I dont think they have MP, on this forum I did see someone made a MP game with just blueprint.

Oh, you want to see some Blueprint action eh?
I got you covered.
Dare you click here.

I think you mean the stuff from evernewjoy ^^ -> he has made some pretty awesome bp projects

Anything you could do in Unrealscript, you can do in Blueprint, and Blueprint is a lot easier to work with in every way. It’s not that it’s “without coding” though, it’s just visual coding, instead of a text editor. The code itself is going to be largely unchanged from Unrealscript to Blueprint.

Check the UE4 presentation I did a few weeks ago, the end of it talks about the scale of what I did with BP in the game. See frontpage of my site or Epics Youtube channel.

This guy is God of UT :smiley: Thank you for your help for over the years!

I can see that visual scripting looks really nice tbh ( ) But I dont understand any of it. As you’re saying, you have to understand some basis programming, and sadly I don’t :frowning:

I was hoping there was the visual coding, that also beginners or non-coders could actually understand.