Using the Vive's motion controllers as mouse input for a webbrowser

Hi I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine, so I might miss some crucial information here.
What I did so far:
I managed to create a webbrowser widget blueprint and actor. I placed that in my level and I can see it.
I have a giant floating browser in my scene and I can see it update in real time.
What I want is to be able, to “click” on it with my vive’s motion controller.
The website I use is a big canvas, on which you can draw with the mouse, so you can think of it as a big whiteboard. So when I draw on it with another client I see it in my game. This is working great.

What I tried so far is creating a vr pawn as the tutorial stated. Then I made a basic teleportation for my right hand controller with LineTraceForObject which works great. I just teleport to the point where I hit a static object. (My floor)
Now I thought it should be similiar with the browser. It’s a dynamic object, so I remade it for the left motion controller.

Where I’m stuck is: how can I send a mouse down event when I hold down my trigger, to the coords my motion controller “hits” the webbrowser actor witht he LineTraceForObjects?

I attached a screenshot with my blueprint so far. This is what worked great for teleportation.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Did you find an answer in the meantime ? I’m facing the same challenge here… Thank you :slight_smile:

Have a look here:!

I tried just that yesterday and it crashed permanently in combination with a Webbrowser (all other widget controls work)

Hi MorfiumG,

one day ago unreal engine 4.13.0 was released that introduced the “official” version of the plugin mentioned by indygood. It’s called “widget interaction component”, [see the documentation][1].


  • doesn’t crash (I guess indygoof didn’t try out his proposal)
  • Enables to “fake” mouse clicks, key presses etc. You will need this as soon as you want to interact with your Webbrowser

To get it working, simply

  1. Follow the instructions given in the provived above and add a “widget interaction” as child of your motion controller
  2. Add the following to your event graph which will enable to click on items and drag and drop, e.g. a map


Result will look

Tbh, yeah, i didnt try it specifically with a webbrowser; It worked in my project with all widgets i have, and since the question was more generally aimed at controlling widgets without a mouse, this was my suggestion.


sorry for responding so slow. I was pretty busy lately.
I just updated my project and tested the widget interaction component. It works like a charm.
I’m actually more than surprised by it.
Just tested it out for a few minutes, so I’m not sure it works 100%. But what I just tested worked pretty good.

Thanks for both your responses, that really helped me a ton! :slight_smile: