Using the UE4 engine for concept

I am relatively new to Unreal 4, but as I started to experiment I realized the potential for conceptual reasons for FILM/GAMES. I work in both industries, and primarily use photoshop and zbrush/maya/silo for 2d purposes. But I think I can not only make great 2d visuals with the engine in combination with other great softwares, I think I can actually build a scene in which you can walk around in. Also plan to create a matrix like environment in which you can walk in and look at other conceptual ideas like MECHS Vehicles Costumes, etc.

Anyways I spent a good half day on this and got some pretty results. The stone texture is my own, the rest is Unreal. Everything built in Unreal outside of that stone texture.

Looks excellent Anthony, but was kinda expected from you. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Unreal forums. I am very excited to found you here!

Howdy Robotpencil and welcome to the UE4 community. Great work on your concept scene! The stone material that you have created look fantastic. Keep up the great work and hope to see more of your creations in the future!

Lab - 1

Here is some more stuff I have done recently. I’m still learning the software, but this is a great engine and got a lot out of even though I’m a total noob.

I hope you guys like. Here is a link to the music, go support them if you like their music. I did :slight_smile:

Here is the video link

lots of really good arch viz stuff lately from this engine :smiley:

I know man the potential is unless! Can’t wait to get my feet wet more with this stuff.

Great work Anthony! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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Thanks guys! I plan to do a new shot today. Gonna try to make it creepy as ****.

Update 2

Updates. More tests and studies. Sketched this out in UE4, mostly played with how to use the foilage brush and impliment trees and grass. I changed the color of the leaves, but it doesn’t look so great. I’ll probably keep working on this file til I can figure it out. Same with the grass. Anyways more stuff for my project LAB
Like my man Koola, using this guys songs are the best.

Fabrizio Paterlini -After the rain there will always be the sun
Latest video with some paintovers.

I’m going to be doing more iterations of this guy, but I imagine a dark figure called the minotaur following you throughout these Environments and had intentions for you that are no good. :slight_smile:

I’ll be designing him along with my ideas for what this game / concept building can be about. I’ll keep you guys updated.

hey robotpencil you are one of my great inspriation (with lee ) i’ve never think i’ll find you here i’ll always transform your 2d arts to 3d models (just for fun ^^)
keep your amazing working

Haha thanks man! I’ve journeyed enough in 2d, time to explore 3d :slight_smile: and I’M LOVING IT!

Update 3

Messing with some basic particles here, but wanted to test out the limits of UE GPU rendering stuff… and man… wtf amazing.

Anyways also learned to use the post process even better, and using the sky light and atmos/height stuff to create a feint background.

Practicing matinee and camera work as well. I hope you guys enjoy! :slight_smile:

cool and i like that you love it hope you’ll make a game i’m sure it would be more than awesome

Can’t wait to see where you go with this. Excellent work! (both 2D and 3D)

Really beautiful- can I ask what’s going on with the circles of light that appear on the larger spheres? Is that the particles reflecting or interacting with the material?

Love the one with the red tree- getting a Ralph Mcquarrie/original Halo vibe from it. Visual composition is really interesting.

You should string all these environments together into some surreal puzzle/horror game. Not really monster horror, more like Beyond the Black Rainbow, psychological horror.

Interacting my friend :smiley: And thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Oh dude, you have no idea of a compliment that is.

Also I am planning to do some more stuff with it. I actually want it to be some sort of huge Labyrinth. It’s going to be fun… just figuring out the tool, and then I’m gong to make some Levels and playtest. But at least I know I can make it look good.

Importing monsters Test.

A quick sketch that I did in Zbrush, Then Zremeshed it, then UV unwraped/Baked the Normals in Maya, then put together in UE4 in which I messed with the materials. Made Camera move, and just me walking around it.

All within 2-3 hours. I’m getting the hang of this stuff!!! :slight_smile:

Here is the video>>

and Here is a Screen shot from zbrush with some photoshop touch ups.