Using the UE4 engine for concept

You have a great talent for realizing these nightmares :wink: Reminds me of some of the creature designs from Clive Barker’s earlier work:

I really, really don’t want to go into a place with those things stalking the shadows (by which I mean I really do :P). Especially in VR using a Rift…

AMAZING REF!! Thanks for that.

yea… imagine vr with this… nightmares for days… “STARZZZ”

First few developments in the making of LAB

I started to build parts of the maze now, and starting to compile the look too. Using temp shaders now, just to help with mood and lighting.

Have a few more milestones I’d like to hit, one in which is to have one AI in there.

Another would be sliding doors and secret ones throughout the level. Anyways thanks for the support more soon.

Temp Song Alphaxone - Grayland.

Here are some iterations of what I’m going to do with the minotaur. Will keep exploring since this character will take a ton of my time to work and bring to life.

Creepy creeperson turning the creep on.

Did a mock up real fast to see, what these dudes would look like if you turned the wrong corner. crrreeeps?

Would be kinda cool, if those “horns” barely fit the tight corridors so they scratch on the wall. When he charges you there could be sparks flying from the wall.

I think we will see incredible stuff with this engine. All the examples from this thread and others are really awesome. Why do you call it the “Minotaur” though. It has horns, okay, but the minotaur is usually a bulky huge creature. (also it makes me think of that Venture Bros episode ^^) Looks more like a hammerhead to me.

RobotPencil, really admiring your work here. You have a design and artistic aesthetic that I really enjoy. Keep it up!

Minotaur is pretty much an homage to the keeper of the Labyrinth. That’s the only reason. Other than that reinventing what he/she could look like. Keeping the horns to be a nod to the original.

Great suggestion with the horns barely fitting. Consider it done. Just now got to figure out how to make particle effects that react when his/her horns hit the walls. :slight_smile: should be terrifying.

Thank you very much dude, means the world to me.

Glad to hear you like the sparks idea. It will probably look great, because they will illuminate the corridors and give them a bit of red tint when they fly. It might actually become a game mechnic, since the Minotaur won’t be able to pass through tighter corridor or under bridged walls.

Alright, yeah it’s a kind of labyrinth, so the name “Minotaur” makes sense. I had to think of this first, which makes it hard to take the name Minotaur serious, after watching ^^:

Hello Robotpencil. Very Strong Artistic Skill and UE4 application. Inspirational. I admire where you’re going with this as I’m also working towards a Labyrinth-based Dungeon Crawl with Minotaurs. i will be tracking this thread. Keep up the awesome work!

----------------------------------- Optional Reading ----------------------------------

My Pay-to-Enter Dungeon Crawl is a concentrated version of this concept, adopting the Greek Mythos in which 3 Archeologists uncover the of Legend of King Midas’ Gold that includes a dark labyrinth filled with traps, infested with Minotaur of various form, with a Dragon’s Lair at the center.

The Minotaurs increase in power the closer they are to the center. Defeating Minotaurs unveils components needed to craft a weapon to defeat the next level Minotaurs. If the trio manages to survive and reach the center of the labyrinth (halls of gold), they face off with a Golden 3 Bull Headed Titan with a devastating molten gold breath weapon. Defeating the Golden Trinotaur, wins the gold (progressive real-world Jackpot prize).

I’m a programmer with weak 3D art skill, however, I have been practicing. I’m developing monster construction technique compatible with my skill level to help improve my artistic vision and delivery.

Love those minotaurs, something about the character aesthetic gives me a dark Tarsem Singh vibe, such as seen in the various incarnations of the antagonist in The Cell:

I’m liking this so much, I would love to Kickstart or otherwise support this project (beyond, you know, moral support :wink:

Here is a link to a Tumblr that is easy to follow and keep track of the content for this game that I officially am making.

Also here is the current images/models for the main antagonist! Model was commissioned by the world famous Boyang Zhu.

Update 4

Indie Cade is around the corner, so I’ll be setting up the next video and implement some more final touches to the Lab as we speak. I also plan to put in the main antagonist into the game this week. no animations or anything, but Render Tests.

anyways here is the latest model so far.

Is this project still alive? Looks awesome.

Excellent work man!