Using the shooter game example as a base?

At the moment I am using the FPS blue print example as a learning platform.
I’m wondering about the feasability, pros and cons of using the shooter game as a base for a game in the future?

I see only pros :slight_smile:

I mixed Effects Cave/Elemental/Blueprint Office/Shooter Game with loads of my own terrains/Assets, and suddenly realised it could be a fun game in itself if solved the vegetation challenges (needs miles of viewdistance, and billboards seems too pop up no matter what when LOD transfer from 3d to 2d).

In fact I´m going to repeat the process with even more examples, since learned a lot from it.

Making assets interactive is also a challenge when there are very detailed buildings/ships etc with endless doors/elevators so on, and to make it destroyable.
I have some serious hardware, but surprised collision seems to not be an issue like in Cryengine, even very detailed 3 million verts constructions works with autocollision made inside UE4.

I´m not into consoles, so if it works on a Titan I´m sure it will work on average hardware in 3 years.

It depends which kind of game :stuck_out_tongue:

When you want to create a fps game in the future, then it is a good choice to start with the fps example. Otherwise I personally would recommend you to use the third person bp example, because there you already have a 3rd person setup and so you can easily switch to fps view. You also learn more about animations/animbp/montage,…, but that’s just my opinion (I also started with the third person bp example :))

  • there are many 3rd person bp tutorials on the official unreal engine youtube channel

Hi Ottosson,

There are probably some pros and cons to any of the examples but as Fight5347 pointed out it would be dependent upon your type of game. Also, it would depend a lot on what your comfort level is with C++ vs Blueprints or a combination of both.

If you’re going to start with ShooterGame as a template you may run into complications later down the line if you want a specific type of gameplay that isn’t already there if you’re not familiar or comfortable with C++. The character setup was done almost exclusively through C++, so altering the code or adding to the character there may cause some headaches or frustrations.

If you have a grasp on C++ and/or don’t mind delving into it I’d certainly say “Go for it!” Have fun and learn something along the way!

If you have any questions or need any other input always feel free to post here on the forums or ask questions about issues you run into on the AnswerHub!

Thank you!


The TTP_Animations


22 animations
If reused for first person model these can be the minimum.

Note to self, there are no firing animations for the third person bots, needs to be added.

Necromancing my own thread.
Anyhow, so I have the models and animations I need now comes the question on how to switch out the current shooter game content for the content I want…

This may be a newb question. Is there a simple way to export assets from marketplace projects into one of your own. I’ve tried copying uasset files and importing but that doesn’t seem to work. Should I be exporting from ShooterGame somehow?

Do a right click onto the asset/folder that you would like to export into a new project - migrate - choose the folder -> but keep in mind to keep the folder structure, otherwise you could get problems

Yeah the sample files are great as a quick start with out the need to yet again reinvent the wheel. I’m using Mobil Temple sample for example for a map I’m working on and the background elements is “perfect” for what I need so I’ve deleted all of the other stuff inside it and tada hours worth of work done.

We are also using the Shooter sample as our frame work, even though our game dynamics are different , and makes life easier for our content team and map makers where they don’t have to wait for completed code. Better still with blueprints a content artist can proxy how something should work.

For those of you have been working with the shooter game, are there any pitfalls when just switching assets like models, animations and stuff?

In my case everything worked fine :slight_smile:

The ShooterGame template has a lot of pros, the only issue I seem to run into a lot is the need to change a lot of the PvP features (but I’m working on a single player game). The biggest challenge I run into constantly is the HUD being purely C++ based through Canvas. You shouldn’t have any issues with changing any animations/pawns etc… Plus the ShooterGame is perfect for adding your own AI (Seeing as the AI they give you are pretty **** good). Personally I think people who aren’t experienced in C++ (or don’t want to spend a lot of time learning elements of C++) should go for the Blueprint FPS template, seeing as the SG template may be a bit too much.

Well to keep our stuff separate we have a folder set up and keep all of the sample stuff under the root directory and each time a new sample comes out we migrate the assets to be used as part of the frame work. This gives us the opportunity to see if there is something that we can use and if it fits we make a copy to our build folder.

So no there are no pitfalls as it’s just raw data.

It works really well as in when you migrate you also get all of the blueprints and game types and our environment artist can easily switch from one game type template to another with out having to start from scratch using a quick start template.

Need to switch from 1st person to 3rd person click on World Settings and set the GameMode override to a game type that uses the template you want.

Want to give it a test drive migrate Mixamo sample to the shooter sample and switch to override to the MixamoGame.

To use myself as an example.
I have not much c++ experience, being an old modder i mostly used various kinds of scripts.
But I want to learn c++. which I’m doing on my spare time… so slowly.

At the moment I have the assets (model, texture, animations), for one (well several), characters. And I want to add this character to the shooter example.
I did follow the guide to get my own character into the fps example, which worked.
Can I follow a similar procedure for this?

For sure.

The trick to it all really is to figure out how things are interconnected to one another.

The rule of thumb is if UE4 can see it in the project, and was migrated from another, then it should function the same way it did from the project it came from.

Adding content to the shooter example isn’t (really) that much different to other projects, still using state machines, but maybe a little different when it comes to the character blueprint (isRunning, isWalking etc…). So adding the actual visual content (Static, Skeletal meshes & animations) shouldn’t be that hard and once you’ve done it once, you’ll fly through the rest. What I meant by the cons is without a large amount of experience within C++, you will run into pitfalls on re-writing the Game Mode scripts & possibly re-designing new AI to fit your game structure.

Yeah i’ll take the c++ when i get to it, have some changes i want to do… ofcourse :wink:
But first baby steps!

The Shooter example has a lot of great content to parse through and see how it was built as well. Reverse engineer it, hack it, make it your own :cool:

Feels like someone has taken a huge book, cut everything up and plastered it back together in some pattern I don’t know.
And then I’m supposed to get a grip on it… I don’t even know where to start.

So I was going to import my own charactermodels.

I have this site that led me through importing stuff to the FPS blueprint. But now It seems useless.

Having a hard time relating between the two.

Yes importing the graphical aspects into the shooter example isn’t hard.

But then I come to the scripts and blueprints, and I’m just befuddled.

Hi Ottosson, i know the feeling, my whole game is based off the shooter game and it is hard to get your head round when you don’t understand how things work.
the first thing you really need to set up is your character with the anims then create your animblueprint the rest is fairly easy by creating your blueprints off the existing code files.
if you get really stuck then give me a shout with info on where you are stuck and i’ll try and do a quick fix video to show you what to do