Using the same material on each Mesh LOD is not working correctly

I have created some rocks with two additional LOD’s and they seem to work great when transitioning between except for the material applied to each one. I am using the same material on each (LOD0, LOD1, & LOD2). the material works on LOD0 but when you back away and it transitions to LOD1 the rock turns gray, when you back up further and the rock goes to LOD2 it stays gray.
I did a test on another material and it worked fine so I compared them. The one that did work is a bit less complex than the one that didn’t work and I made some changes so simplify the one that didn’t work to see if it helped but it didn’t so I didn’t save it. The first material—>

did not work and the second material---->

did work. Is there anything that stands out on why it will not work with an LOD model?

I guess the other material is not working either after looking into it… it appears to be a uvw coordinate issue or something with my wrap. I used ProOptimize in 3ds Max and it should have kept the same coordinates… I will look into it further.