Using the mouse in VR?

Hey, so I’m trying to get mouse controls to work with VR, but it’s annoying and seems like both Epic and Oculus are taking every step they can to prevent me from using the mouse the way I want. Which is a shame because, while I know it gives some people nausea, the best experiences I had on the DK2 involved the mouse - star conflict and Half-Life 2 VR

Anyway my point is I’m wondering if there’s a “lock mouse to VR” command or something like that

I don’t want the mouse cursor in VR, just to be able to get the mouse axis (currently you can) and clicks (also you can), but the issue is you can go off screen and click and it minimizes the game and goes to 6fps and loses focus. Is there a way around that?

Giving this a bump, I still can’t find a way to lock the mouse to the viewport. I know you can’t have a cursor because it’s not 3D and such, that’s fine, I just need to get the axis values and have it not go off screen when clicking.

This is a pretty critical feature, surely UE4 has a way to do it? No, Lock Mouse to Viewport on Set Input Game and UI doesn’t work :confused:

Bump… I would really like a definitive answer on whether or not it is possible to lock the mouse to the viewport. I NEED to be able to get mouse axis values and to click without it going off screen but It doesn’t even look like that’s possible on the CV1 unless someone says otherwise, because I’ve seen no game do it. If I knew this before hand I would not have bought this to develop for… artificially blocking off access to the best input method, wtf is that?

PLEASE tell me there’s a way to lock the mouse to the viewport with UE4…

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by there is no way, by default UE locks the mouse to the viewport, just left click on the window.
You could always just take over the mouse by setting the location manually if you want as well.

Could you maybe post a video of it not working? I’ve just never seen it not work

Bump, I have this issue too. Using the mouse in VR causes the cursor to go off the screen regardless of setting LockMouseToViewport in a VR environment and dual monitor setup. 2 Years later, and it still seems like there is no fix for this…