Using Textures on the new InteriorCubemap MF?

I tested the new InteriorCubemap Material Function and I like how the mapping looks,
although my Material Editor skills aren’t capable of figuring out how to map textures on the sides of the cubes.

This is how it looks right now:

Can anyone point me to the right direction?

I actually build a physical room and place a SceneCaptureCube actor and then right click the CubeRenderTarget to create a static cubemap. Should be perfect.

Previously I used a free photoshop plugin called Flexify2 that could take a 6 sided cube layout and convert it to the equirectangular format, but its a pain and I would suggest building the room, even if it just means placing your 6 textures on a box mesh. Faster iteration and less room for error that way IMO.

also this came up yesterday: to support non uniform scale such as double wide rooms, in addition to scaling the UVs, you need to do the inverse scale on the CameraVector in the material function after the transform. Will probably add that to the function in the future.

Hey Ryan, I’ve been trying this out on a double wide room (8 meters, 4 meters, 4 meters), however I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong because it just doesn’t work. I plugged a textCoord with 0.5 as the U scale into the InteriorCubemap’s UVs input, which is what I gathered that I needed to do.

Here is the setup and the result, the scene capture cube is in the center of the room.


Hey, this was originally meant to always use a uniformly scaled cube as the shape. But I did help the robo recall guys to be able to non uniformly scale the cube. In the tweak I did for that, it still only allows for stretching the final result, but I found some quick changes that allow capturing non uniform cubes as well and it seems to work perfectly here.

The new nodes are highlighted. Basically need to add the new input “Cube Scale”.

Awesome, thanks Ryan!