Using Swarm over the Internet

Hello everybody,

I am trying to use Swarm over the Internet to let my powerful server calculate some lightning stuff, but whenever I try to ping the coordinator I get this at the agent:

[Ping] Communication with the coordinator failed, job distribution will be disabled until the connection is established

Do I have to open some ports? Or are they any other alternatives to get lightning done faster (e.g. re-calculating Light for Highrise Scene takes very long)?


Where do you have the coordinator running? On the remote server or on your local machine? What do you have set in your Swarm Settings? Can you post a screen cap? I’ve only been able to get it to work on a remote server once before.

Also you can if you only need to build certain parts of the map you can hide the other levels in the level browser and only build the level you are working on. If you need to build the whole map you can build it in chunks but hiding all but a few levels a time, baking…then saving, then hiding the ones you build and unhiding a few other…baking…etc.

The coordinator is running on my local computer with the map.
Here is a screen cap of the remote computer:

You can use some virtual LAN softwares, such as LAN Bridger.