Using sscanf_s with FString type data

Hi all. I want use c++ function sscanf_s(), but i don’t know how convert FString variable type in char, because i use such comand as SystemSkills_CountLines = SystemSkills_DataSkills.ParseIntoArray(SystemSkills_uidEquipmentSkills, TEXT("\n"), true); Somebody know how i can convert variables types?

To convert FString to TCHAR array you can do the following:

*FString::Printf("Your Text");

sscanf_s use types: char, char*. Type TCHAR - macros.

Sorry, my bad, I mixed up printf and scanf.
I will dig into it asap and will provide you with the right answer.

Big thx if u find it

Already find answer - swscanf_s(), use with TEXT() for convert in wchar_t*. If need work with sscanf_s(), need use TCHAR_TO_ANSI()