using sphere mask with animated sprite sheets


I was following this tutorial by imbueFX - Advanced Particle Shading & Lighting (UE3) on YouTube and in part 8 it shows you how to make a procedural normal map for a single sprite however I would like to create this effect with an animated normal map using a 8x8 sprite sheet. I tried to do this by changing the texture coords UV’s going into the sphere mask to 8x8 but it only creates a 1 out of the 64 sphere’s, however to make this work it should create 64 sphere masks to match with the animated sprite sheet and this makes the texture flicker between the red and green.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, does anyone know how to fix this?

; link to the tutorial (0.58 is the bit i’m talking about)


a sphere mask is not really a texture that tiles. for your case using a sphereGradient2D might work better, but might need some extra effort to make it tile properly. or just use a regular texture with a sphere on it.