Using simple collision with instanced mesh

Hi all,
Just a simple question. To get collisions with instanced static meshes is there some way to use the simple collisions (box/sphere ect) from the static mesh editor rather than the per poly collision ?


It should use simple collisin by default, if its created.

If not - open mesh and in Collision settings generate some.

I do have a simple box collision, but it does not affect the navmesh.

Any ideas ?


check collision preset on your instanced static mesh component

I already tried setting collision to all channels to block to no avail.
The only thing that works is the per poly collision setting in the static mesh editor, but i gather this is less peformant.


Here is mesh example:

And instanced SM component settings:

In this project everything is set by default.

Hi, I appreciate the help but I cannot seem to get it to work !

I have the following setup and the raw (non-instanced) static mesh affects the landscape. Do any of the navigation settings in the project settings change this ? I changed some a while back but nothing that it think would alter this.


il have a go at trying this is a blank project then,
cheers man

remade a small BP in the same project and it worked. Think there is something being set in this Bp that is nullifying the instanced mesh. I will sort it out, if i cant then i’l remake the BP and hope the collision is good.

Thanks for your help man !