Using SetTimer() on a Function with Parameters

I am currently trying to implement a method that calls 2 functions. The catch is I don’t want the second one to run until the animation of the first has finished playing.

I am trying to unequip a weapon then equip a new one. Each weapon in the game has its own holster/equip animation, that’s why I need to play the animations separately.

I have been trying to do it by:

GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(this, &AArenaCharacter::EquipWeapon, Duration, false);

The problem is AArenaCharacter::EquipWeapon(class AArenaRangedWeapon* NewWeapon) takes a parameter in, so the timer gets upset. Does anyone know of a way I can have the timer run a function that takes in parameters?


It is possible using FTimerDelegate as described here: SetTimer with parameters - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

void AMyGameMode::RespawnPlayerWithDelay(APlayerController * Player, float Delay)
	FTimerHandle UniqueHandle;
	FTimerDelegate RespawnDelegate = FTimerDelegate::CreateUObject( this, &AMyGameMode::RespawnPlayer, Player );
	GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer( UniqueHandle, RespawnDelegate, Delay, false );

it’s possible to do the same thing but with two parameters instead of only one?

it’s possible to do the same thing but with two parameters instead of only one?

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Hello, of course it’s possible to have the requested functionality you seek! Inside your header file type in the following code:

void MyUsefulFunction(int32 x, float y);

Then, inside your source file:

FTimerDelegate TimerDel;
FTimerHandle TimerHandle;

int32 MyInt = 10;
float MyFloat = 20.f;

//Binding the function with specific values
TimerDel.BindUFunction(this, FName("MyUsefulFunction"), MyInt, MyFloat);
//Calling MyUsefulFunction after 5 seconds without looping
GetWorld()->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(TimerHandle, TimerDel, 5.f, false);

Don’t forget to include the MyUsefulFunction logic in your source file as well:

void AMyActor::MyUsefulFunction(int32 x, float y)
	GLog->Log("y=" + FString::SanitizeFloat(y));

For more information about delegates, check out the official documentation and my blog post here



Thanks for your answer i use it and it’s working but i have a issue.
I have a loop timer and my parameter changed from different function but that Delegate just use initial value ! is it possible to use dynamic parameter .

In you example you used a local variable, but i using a public variable and it’s changing from different functions.

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Yes, as FTimer::CreateUObject signatures says:

inline static TBaseDelegate CreateUObject(UserClass* InUserObject, typename TMemFunPtrType::Type InFunc, VarTypes… Vars)

so you can pass multiple parameters.