Using Quixel megascans in assets - licensed?

Looking at the readmes, faqs, forums, I found statements, that Quixel Megascans content is available for free for all projects, even commercial, if the final product is for Unreal Engine 4. This includes all of the 10000+ available items. That’s what I thought at least until I came across this statement from Quixel:…-can-not-sell-

This looks like a clear statement from Quixel, that Megascans data is only allowed for Games, Film. etc… The *etc. *is not defined more in depth, but I doubt, that I’m allowed to use all the available Quixel library content to create materials for assets to offer on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Is there any official statement from Epic available? Maybe some update in the Marketplace Guidelines? I did search, but could not find anything.

Thank you for some clarification


You are never allowed to sell something that you do not own. If you include them in marketplace assets, you would inevitably do exactly that. So no, you are not allowed to use them in assets you sell.

Thanks for the reply. What I found via Quixel site in EULA:

So the asset on marketplace allows to export the uasset textures, so they are no longer inseparable - makes sense to me. And even if these textures are something completely new, they are not allowed to be used if they have been made using any of the megascans content. Correct?
But I might use the Mixer Software if I only import my own textures to create mixes, Correct?
Thank you.

@herb64 That’s correct. You may use Mixer to sell and resell models/textures you’ve developed entirely of your own volition. Objects textured using Mixer’s built-in Smart Materials should also be acceptable for sale as well.

With regards to selling assets using Megascans data outside of the aforementioned Smart Materials, it’s generally not allowed under the Terms of Use. Copyright isn’t transferred when assets are downloaded.

So, for example. I want to make a comercial asset (For Unreal market place) of props, all stuff made by me (Meshes, textures, etc).
But I need to make a demo environment and I want to use some megascan materials for that environment, only for showcase.

Can I include megascan assets that way?


Sorry about bumping this up - I just wanted to clarify further that the UE Marketplace does not permit Megascans assets to be part of any upload to the service. Users can use Megascans assets in demo videos or screenshots but the assets themselves cannot be included in the Marketplace product.

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Basically, no, not for the Marketplace.

You can use Mixer smart materials or create your own materials/textures, for instance, using Substance and their smart materials.

In tutorials, I’ve seen Dekogon artists create their materials using a mix of Substance 3D, Photoshop, and typically their own photographed images. They also create their own shaders within Unreal to boost those materials.