Using pp volumes for atmosphere. Good or bad?

Hi all. I’ve been using unreal for about 6 months. Im learning alot, quickly, especially thanks to the amazing community on here. Im working through an open world project, i figured it was a good way to learn alot of features and techniques as i go.

Im working on the atmosphere (look and feel) of the world and i really wanted to change the atmosphere when entering/ leaving different areas of the map. For example when entering a forest i would like it to feel darker and colder, maybe a little eerie. Then when the player is in one area of the main city it is bright and clean but when they go to the “bad” side of town I’d to give it a dark & dirty feel.
So my idea was to set a default, unbound post process volume and then use other post process volumes to adjust for the areas. However they will be LARGE volumes as it is a large open world map.

My question is am I going about this the right way or is there an alternate way to do it?

I should note I’m using latest engine version 4.15.

Im also using ultra dynamic sky plugin for my day/night cycles.

Looking forward to your input.