Using patch system

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use the patching system, as explained here:

Everything works well at first time, I get a [projectname]-[platform]_P, and if I place it on the content folder of my game, voila, new assets are loaded. My question now is, how do I increment on that patch. At the moment I have 2 paks on my content folder of my game, for instance:

I now want to release a new patch with more improvements, so they should take priority over _P.
Patching1-WindowsNoEditor_P2.pak does not work, for instance.

Also, is _P something the engine is always looking for? can it be renamed in to an actual name, for instance _01 that signals patch number 01?

Thank you

I think there is an order in which pak files are mounted.

From my experimentation, I discovered _P is used to identify a patch and this allows the packed assets in the _P pak to be referenced first before the release pak. Adding extra _Ps has the same effect as _P1, _P2, …

Hope this helps.