Using particle cutouts (fast flipbook rendering) with additive materials

I have a particle system I would like to optimize with particle cutouts (explosion from vehicle game).

However, it uses additive blending instead of alpha. Is there a way to tell the new subuv animation tool to use the intensity rather than an alpha channel?

Also, looking at the particle system it uses linear blend as the interpolation method; does the new cutout system take that into account and take the union of the bounding geometries in the surrounding frames, or something similar?

I also would like this feature. SubUVAnimation. - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

That is very easy to add and I am making the change locally. It will take a while to make it into a released build though. Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, bounding geometry is created off the nearest two frames that would be used for blending so it is conservative.

I still can’t get particle cutouts to work for the life of me. This is something that would DRASTICALLY improve performance. Right now I have a huge waterfall that dissipates into a fine mist, but that means giant particles and massive overdraw.

Nice. Thank you very much.