Using one PC to drive three large displays, as 3 separate players?

Hi all,

Just wondering, is it possible to effectively ‘host’ three different players in the same match, on a single system? We’re trying to use a Windows PC to drive three large displays, each of which is supposed to change the information shown at any one time, whether it be a HUD or the World from a specific camera (with a HUD overlay). We figure that the best way to do this is have three separate ‘players’ hosted on the same machine, with each players representation being outputted to a different display.

Without going into too much detail (NDA), we’re building a 32-Player tourist attraction ‘game’ through Unreal Engine 4. The 32-Players will control their pawns via an Android Tablet, which will communicate to a central windows-based server PC. The idea is that the server can do all the hard processing and impressive graphics, while the tablets serve as the controllers for various ‘pawns’ in a persistent world, which is hosted by the PC. Tablets will join via a wireless LAN.

The attraction will be running on dedicated machines, so cost-effectiveness is important. If we have to use three separate PC systems for each screen, we’re going to have to justify that. Any recommendations you guys can make? Is there a ‘screen index’ so to speak in Unreal?

I think you can do it in a single instance, using the splitscreen multiplayer support. Run a large borderless window that spans all three monitors.

Ah okay, but how would we fair in terms of running high-powered graphics on three 1080p (or maybe even higher) displays? Would it be more efficient/foolproof to use three separate systems?