Using network call in blueprints? for containers / local & external servers

Hi, I am still relatively new to ue4/5 and have mainly been messing with blueprints so far (granted I work as a backend/cloud engineer as my day job) what I am trying to do is to make a game/tech demo for fun that the bulk of the events/logic happens server-side (in my case in docker containers running go-lang) and then stream that info to the users (players)

the general project idea (mainly to play with it this time) would be something Minecraft-ish where the world is cubic (voxels?) based chunks and that info would be created and managed server-side. with updates being handled over the network to allow easier multiplayer and distributed computing long run. so I guess my question is a few parts but

  • what network protocols are supported in blueprints (rather not do too much with c++ / c# if I can help it), thinking mainly in terms of stuff like GRPC, REST, etc?
  • is there a recommended data protocol to use with unreal?
  • depending on the protocol what would I be looking at in terms of data format (BSON JSON, PROTBUF, etc) as well as what is supported by UE4 or 5?
  • any good examples of how to do any of the above?

a few notes:

  • the general setup I’m looking at would have a user client in UE4 or 5, that handles rendering user interaction etc
  • world logic such as chunk info, world gen, etc would be handled server-side.

any advice you can all recommend in terms of how to set up network calls, which protocols are better to use for speed etc would be appreciated as well, id pref to keep the UE side on blueprints as much as I can since I mainly want to use this side to render the world. and do the more complicated sever logic in a cloud-friendly setup