Using Multiple Uv Maps

Hi guys. Im working on my -beginner- workflow from substance painter to UE, and so far ive been creating props and fairly simply objects which only had 1 uv map (+lightmap). But now im trying to work on a character, and i want to use more than 1 uv map to allow for better texel density in substance and UE. But i really dont know how UE manages more than one main uv, if it overlaps all the uvs (producing overlapping uvs that is bad) or if it automatically uses each uv map for every mesh/object. Or if i should need to something to set that up. I dont know if i explained correctly, sorry if thats the case.

Thanks in advance.

Simple Just do your normal UV mapping with multiple UV patches make sure all are in positive coordinates.
make every UDIM as separate shader.
now export it to Unreal and Substance as well.
In Substance make sure you have checked “create texture set per UDIM”
In UE import mesh with shading information. You will get material slot per UDIM.
now make one material and duplicate them and just change texture maps as per material slot.