Using Multiple Machines in smaller projects?

I think I read somewhere that the swarm agent will only use multiple machines if the job is big enough. Is there some possibility to set a threshold or something for that? I often have the Problem that the remote machines are not beeing used even if the build takes almost an hour on my local machine. On bigger projects the distribution works fine though…


Hi Peter, that usually happens when your worker machines are using more than 10-20% of the processor, it also might occur due to firewall issues but looks like this is not your case.

You can try our service it’ll create a VPN for you, and we can provide you with powerful workers of up to 72 virtual cores that will be 100% dedicated to your light builds.

Back to your question, I have built little scenes with a lot of big machines, and every computer gets jobs. Have you tried to build a small project with the worker machines completely idle?