Using megascans fuzz map

Hey Guys,

I’m working on creating my environment and I’ve been iterating on the base materials I am going to be using for all of my megascan assets.

When I download certain megascan assets they come with a ‘fuzz map’ from megascans this map is the following:

“[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”]Fuzz represents a mask for a rough, “fuzzy” surface such as moss. This is an optional bonus map, and can be applied to give extra diffusion to a surface”

I’ve attached an example of a fuzz map as supplied by megascans and my material.

In the end I want my assets to look how they look in the megascans example photos, I’ve attached a screenshot of what my rock looks like right now and what the example photo looks like if anybody could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated