Using Megascans assets for commercial products


So I know Megascans assets are free if used with Unreal Engine, however does that extend to being able to sell products in the Marketplace that use these assets?

Basically, I want to create Finished pre-built photoreal maps for use in projects (not environment assetpacks!)

yes, Megascans is completely free for everyone to use in every way

Hi, from the marketplace guidelines:

2.1.d Content must consist primarily of original work and differ from the
result of public tutorials.

2.1.e Sample content from Epic Games must not be an integral part of your
product, but used for display or
example purposes only.

so sure Megascans is free to use in unreal engine, but I’m not sure if your described project will be accepted in the marketplace due to the guidelines, because as far as I understand it the Megascans Assets would be an integral part of your project (best to wait for someone from epic games to answer).

its is, and coping other people wouldn’t break the megascans guidelines it would break the marketplace guidelines

Hi all, Megascans can be safely used for commercial purposes!

Everything created with the Beta Suite is commercially available (but, as EarthQuake mentioned, source material (like the original mega scan texture) may not be resold). Don’t hesitate to sell the properties you create!

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Megascans is completely free to use.

Yes, you can use Megascans for commercial purpose
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Yes, you can use Megascans assets for commercial purposes if you meet the eligibility criteria.
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please refrain from posting unrelated ‘‘answers’’.

please refrain from posting unrelated ‘‘answers’’.