Using Material in Landscape Material

Well im starting to get into materials thing, im new to the community so i started to learn blueprints witch went really good but now i want to create my landscape.
After some research i found out how to paint it but im having some issues on it.
I can paint it using textures but what if i want to use another material?

For example this material:

i want to use it on my landscapeMaterial but if i add the Emissive coulor and the Roughness it will affect all my layers.
How can i affect only 1 layer?
here is my LandscapeMaterial (part of it).

btw im using like 18 layers already to paint my landscape, is it a problem to add that much layers in the landscape Material?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can’t use material in a material, but you can make material functions, that would represent each individual layer, and blend their material attributes using MakeMaterialAttributes material expression instead of blending each channel individually.

could u show me an example pls?