Using LineTraceForObjects as Cursor in blueprints

Hello, I have only been able to find older answers for this, I was wondering if there was a good way to use the LineTrace node as a Cursor, to create a gaze-based system for a VR menu. I have been struggling with making this functional for a while, and I’m hoping someone could help me make progress with this. I currently have a LineTrace that returns the name of the object in front of it, but I cannot make any Cursor events work while using an Oculus headset.

If you use Widget Component for a menu, use Widget Interaction Component instead of line tracing. It’s the best way to create a menu if you don’t need deep customization.

Otherwise you need to update a reference to hit actor manually on begin overlap and end overlap and manually send events to this actor (for example, via Interface) after timeout (or when player press a button).