Using Level Sequencer & Parameters

So in Matinee, it allowed you to use some handy options with objects, in this case the float material Parameter option, which let you enter materials, then the specific parameter you wish to edit.

It then allowed you to edit the value in key frames, allowing you to change materials to specific sequences.

I have been forcing myself to use Level Sequencer due to the fact Matinee is no longer available in newer versions of the engines.

However, even when converting from Matinee to Level seq with a parameter already located in the Matinee, Level Seq fails to even recognize it existed.

Spent the day looking around for a way to change parameters, but cant seem to find any options, does anyone know ways to put a material in Level Seq and change values like in Matinee?

Something like this.


Take a look at ParameterCollections . You can use them inside of your Material Graph and then animate those parameters using the Parameter Collection. This works in Sequencer like a charm :slight_smile: For more details, go over here

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

I do have one other question though, its with Partical Parameters.

There is some smoke particle that i want to change a few properties of, and last night i found the Particle Param track, but when i go to add a parameter, it only bring up this.

Not sure why, tried some other particle emitter to eliminate that its the smoke causing this issue but it gives me the same little black box i cant click on.


Ough. I’m not in Particles inside the Sequencer, so I guess I can’t help you with that problem.