Using imported characters as player?

Hi all,
I’ve imported the Paragon Warrior pack. I want to use one of the delightful characters in my 3rd Person project as the player character as the player instead of the default mannequin. I’ve tried just replacing the mannequin in the player BP but there is no actual movement animation. The character moves about but no animation just the T-pose.

I know I’m missing something obvious. Please help!!

Thanks Ray

The quickest way to do this would be to modify your GameMode. Check out this page in the docs. Instead of trying to move the mesh and animations to a different player blueprint, change your default pawn class to the desired character.

Otherwise, in the character blueprint you can change the static mesh, and animation blueprint settings.

Hi, you would need an animation blueprint as well (animation blueprints only work per skeleton so if your new mesh has a different skeleton you would need a new animation blueprint).


I’ll check again but the pack didn’t come with associated blueprints for the warriors. The main Paragon characters did but I want to use a really simple / unknown character rather than a high profile one. So this is why I was thinking of using the standard mannequin

That there’s Twinblast in the image was just coincidence there could have been any skeleton. What I meant is if you use a new skeleton you would need a new animation blueprint as well (right click in the content browser → Animation → Animation Blueprint → select your new skeleton). Then set this newly created animation blueprint as “Anim Class” (shown marked in red above) for your new skeleton. Then setup your new animation blueprint (you can look at the default mannequin animation blueprint as reference or just add a comment if you have more questions about it).

If you want to reuse the animations from the default mannequin you could use animation retargeting.