Using FontSample node in material

So, I’m trying to draw text in a material, and I thought I could do this with a FontSample node. I can’t seem to work out how to use it, however. My standard technique would be to filter out the UVs of the letters I want, but the FontSample node doesn’t allow me to do that. What can I do to create text in a material?

Hi Hoeloe,

Which Font are you trying to use? As long as it’s not the default Robo font that comes with the editor, it will setup like this. Make sure your Blend Mode is set to Masked and your Alpha Channel is connected to the Opacity Mask.

If it still doesn’t work and you are using a custom font, please post it here so we can troubleshoot it.

That’s exactly what it looks like, yes. My question is, what does that achieve? I now have a texture with the alphabet on it. This seems more or less entirely pointless.

Anytime you use a Text Render Actor it will need a Material that has the Font applied to it.

You can look at the default material that the Text Render Actor uses, 'DefaultTextMaterialOpaque". It is located in the engine folder.

Ah, I see. I was attempting to use such a sampler to read out text in a material, which would then be applied to a static mesh. I was trying to create a signpost such that I could change the message on it. As it stands, I just have different possible texts as different textures, and am changing the texture in a material parameter. I was wondering if there were a neater way to do this.

did you ever find a way to achieve that?