Using existing animation sequences to set AI/NPC to roam/patrol


I can’t find the solution to this anywhere but I could use some help (I’m not brilliant with Unreal, however this is for a university project and I am still learning).

I am using Mixamo character animation in the level design I am doing with my project. I want to use a character as an AI. I want this character to just walk around to different target points as the scene is a village. I have the animation sequences for both idle and walking, I want the character to be idle for a few seconds before eventually walking to a different target point, idle again for a few seconds, then doing the same again. I’m not too sure how to go about this.

Here is an image of the character I want to use in its “idle” state, and the animation for walk can be seen below.
As I am pretty much a beginner I would love if the method could be explained as simple as possible. :stuck_out_tongue: