using emissive issues, help needed

i’m trying to make a street lamp bp, that will be turned on when the day/night cycle arrives to night time and will be turned off when the day comes up.

my emissive material works fine in material editor, but when i try to activate it in the blueprint, it’s not working.

i have already tried using material instance and change the scalar parameter without any good result, also tried changing the static mesh from movable to static, but it needs to the light to be bake and i need the light to be dynamical, because i need to turn on and turn off depending on the day time.

please if some body has an idea on how to achieve this i will appreciate the help, any tuto, step by step or guide will be very usefully.

thanks in advance for all the help

There’s something up with your BP I would say. You can just do this by switching materials, you don’t have to use dynamic instances and parameters.




thanks for the info, i tried with a simple cube and changed the material at runtime and it’s working, for testing purposes i added an sphere to the lamp blueprint to check if the sphere is changing the material, but it’s the same result as the lamp alone, didn’t worked.

what can be wrong with my actor bp ? you have any idea ?

as far as i know i just imported the street lamp checked the lightmap was not overlapping and assigned the material to each slot. i did nothing strange to the bp.

the problem seems to be a spotlight on the same blueprint actor. i remove it from the bp and it’s working.

have another question, as i’m making a street lamp, i was thinking in add the emissive material to the light bulb to act as it is turned on and use a spot light to light the street, is there a way to do this setup to let it work? (asking because at my end is not working.)

Yes, you’re on the right track there. The emissive will deal with the lamp looking like it’s ‘on’, and then you need the spotlight ( slightly lower ) to actually provide light to the street.

Can you should your BP ( the code )?

this is how my blueprint looks like now.

Does it work?

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yes, it is working now.

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