Using Draw Texture to edit Tessellation?

So here is what I have:

A geosphere that is lightly tessellated (which operates as a planet) I have a material that plugs its Red value into the emissive and into (… standard tessellation procedure yada yada) which multiplies the emissive red value by the vertex normals of my planet and then multiplies by the height variable… like I said… standard.

What I want:

What I would like to do is create a render 2d target, make another additive material for a brush(es) and use them in a blueprint to draw to the render target. I’ve managed to get the HUD to act like the brush (which I hate) and used UV Collision to accurately detect the position of the mouse in correlation with the UVs, but I can’t figure out how to make it draw - or for that matter - if it can be used for tessellation.

In a way, I hate answers because you don’t learn the methodology and never grow in your programming - well at least that’s me. So any help explaining this to me would be MOST APPRECIATED.

Well as it turns out you can, and I am fiddling with it right now and will post here what I finish. IT… LOOKS… AWESOME!